Pitta-Kapha Massage Blend- 100 ML

Many of us are a combination of more than one dosha or ayurvedic body type. Pitta-Kapha Massage Blend contains essential oils to balance and support both of these doshas! This blend contains the essential oils of Cedarwood, Cyperus, Lavender, Oakmoss, Rose Geranium and Tangerine in an organic Jojoba base. Massage throughly after shower or before bed. 

Yoga Flow Massage Blends are made from the finest, organic essential oils obtainable. The base oil is organic jojoba, which softens and conditions the skin, is non-allergenic and does not clog pores. We believe that the finest blends deserve the finest glass containers, so we are now using Miron Violet Glass for all of our massage blends. This glass is best used for maintaining the potency of essential oil blends for long periods of time.

For our massage blends, you can choose 100 ML (3.34 ounces) or 200 ML (6.67 ounces).

Pitta-Kapha Massage Blend- 100 ML
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